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Jul 20, 2017 Trade Paperback Books: A Guide For SelfPublishers. Trade Paperback Books: A Guide For SelfPublishers Amazon Author Platform Authorship Blogging Book Cover Book Marketing Branding Business Business Management Business Model Business Plan Career Carnival Of The Indies Content Creation Content Marketing Credibility Design A trade paperback, sometimes referred to as a" trade paper edition" or just" trades"is a higherquality paperback book.

If it is a softcover edition of a previous hardcover edition, and if published by the same publishing house as the hardcover, the text pages are normally identical to the text pages in the hardcover edition, and the book is SelfPublishing Basics: How to Pick the Size of your Book.

by Joel Friedlander on September 13, A 5. 5 x 8. 5 novel is a trade paperback, the smaller books usually printed on coarse paper, Ive worked in college and trade publishing, but large format childrens books are new to me. Reply. 5" TRADE Small Paperback Book Cover BLUE BLOSSOMS Stretch, Floral Book Sleeve for Paperback 5x7, Novel Book Cover Small Fits all mass market paperback books Luxurious cover protects your book Kindle Direct Publishing Indie Digital Publishing Made Easy Apr 14, 2018 A trade paperback (TPB), sometimes referred to as a trade paper edition, is a paperback book that is usually the same size as the hardcover edition.

That is, the text pages are identical to the text pages in the hardcover edition, and the only difference is the binding and that the quality of the paper is usually higher than that of a paperback. MassMarket Paperback Books Vs. Trade Paperback Books: A Guide For SelfPublishers. One way that you will know if a book is a trade paperback is that the back cover, and sometimes the title page, will have a notice that they are not strippable.

Examples of nonfiction trade paperback books. Used to indicate any paperback book that is larger than a massmarket paperback and is often more similar in size to a hardcover edition. The term" Trade Paperback" derives from the standard practice within the publishing trade of issuing a version of a hardback book in a less expensive form.

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