Reading books with cvc words for kids

In these books are simple and fun stories with a mostly predictable text structure. Not only will kids practice a particular short vowel word family with these, two beginning sight words are also featured for each book.

Also included in each word family book pack are. free, printable puzzles for that particular word family, a roll& write activity for the two CVC words worksheets, resources and activities designed to improve your child's ability to blend letter sounds together. For children in prep, years 1& 2 Keep Kids Reading With children that are really struggling to read the idea is they can take one of these books as their reading book and they will really succeed with it which will be a confidence boost.

I will be making more books with different themes and will upload these as I Hi Gina! First let me distinguish between CVC and sight words. Sight words usually refers to words that we see a lot when reading and may or may not be easy to read phonetically. For example, the words the, my, at, and, what, etc. are all sight words. In contrast, CVC words are easy to sound out and may or may not be words we read often.

Kids needs books in their hands at their level that they can read to give them practice in fluency and to build their confidence! These 21 cvc word family emergent readers do just that, while being engaging and fun to interact with! I love giving my kids books that they can interact with, write on, color, etc. They correspond to typical shared reading stories, focus on word families and phonics skills, single in on sight words, or contain concepts for science, math, and social studies commonly used in early childhood themeslessons.

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