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Derived from the mind of the famous author, Robert B. Parker, the fictional character Jesse Stone is not the typical chief of police. Born and raised in Arizona and California, Jesse originally set out in his career to be a minor league baseball shortstop, but injured the shoulder of his throwing arm.

robert b. parker: series reading order: spenser books, jesse stone books, sunny randall books, cole& hitch books, philip marlowe books, standalone novels by robert b. parker ListSeries 4. 4 out of 5 Jesse Stone, a police chief in Paradise, Massachusetts Jesse Stone series Robert B. Parker original series found here Michael Brandman's version The Jesse Stone book series by multiple authors includes books Night Passage, Trouble In Paradise, Death In Paradise, and several more.

See the complete Jesse Stone series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. Robert B. Parker has had a number of his works adapted to other mediums.

Spenser For Hire starring Robert Urich was produced by ABC, Jesse Stone films were turned into TV movies starring Tom Selleck and Appaloosa was made into a film starring Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris. Unlike Parkers most wellknown character, Spenser, Stone is a man with many personal problems.

Jesse Stone debuted in September 1997 with the book Night Passage. Since then, he has appeared in many of his own novels and a few of Robert B. Parkers other novels as well.

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